Register of Arbitrators permanent court of arbitration International Arbitrage ICSNGD

  1. Akaydin Marina - Lawyer. Deputy Head ICSNGD in the Turkish Republic (Turkey);
  2. Azarkhin Boris - Chairman of the Inter-Etnic Relations Collegium ICSNGD (Israel);
  3. Bendas Konstantin – Bishop, Vice-chairman of advisory council to the President of Russian Federation of religious affairs, Vice-chairman of the working group of the Public Chamber of Russian Federation (Russia);
  4. Bondarenko Boris – Head of law office of Chamber of Attorneys of Voronezh region (Russia);
  5. Brovkov Andrey -   The Captain of The Deep Voyage. Head of “Rostmed” Co., Ltd. (Russia);
  6. Vasilyev Radiy – Chief of River port "Yakutsk" (Russisa);
  7. Kolbin Stas - Head of ICSNGD of Miami HQ (USA);
  8. Dmitriev Andrey - General Secretary and Vice-President ICSNGD (USA);
  9. Dzukha Vladimir - Grand Ph. Doctor Full Professor pro-rector on scientific work of economic university (Russia);
  10. Zhuzhnev Victor - Head of Passenger Transportation Service of the North Caucasian Railway (Russia);
  11. Zakharov Andrey - Head of Holding "IMPERIAL" (Russia);
  12. El Abbassi Nour Eddine – Ph. Doctor. President, ENJ, Head of the French National Chamber ICSNGD (France);
  13. Foster Sergey – Honorary Consul of Great Britain in the Republic of Crimea (UK);
  14. Gryzlov Oleg - Chairman of the board of directors of JSC "Rostov port" (Russisa);
  15. Gugel Alex – Fire Department NY № 4 (USA);
  16. Ivanov Vitaliy – Admiral, Academician, Ph.D ( Strategy), Vice-Chairman of the St. Petersburg Maritime Assembly, Chairman of the North - Western Marine College ICSNGD (Russia);
  17. Melman Sergey - Head of Development Department ICSNGD (Israel);
  18. Onen Mehmet Ali - Lawyer. Judge in Retirement. Head of ICSNGD in Turkish Republic (Turkey);
  19. Onen Emre - Lawyer - Deputy Chairman of Arbitration (Turkey);
  20. Parnishchev SParnishchev Sergeyergey - Chief of Shipping Company, Ltd. (Russia);
  21. Kalinin Viktor - Rear Admiral , Vice-chairman ICSNGD in the Kaliningrad region (Russia);
  22. Lomachenko Alexander - Ph.D., Head of the Department of Coordination of committees and interaction with business associations of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation (Russia);
  23. Malyushin Michael - Ph . D ., Doctor of the Russian Academy of natural sciences , A member of the International Academy of the authors of discoveries and inventions , Academician of the International Academy of the real economy , An assistant professor TiOPR Novosibirsk State Academy of Water Transport , Vice - chairman ICSNGD in the republic of Sakha (Yakutia, Russia);
  24. Markovskiy Sergey – Grand Ph.D., Professor, Chairman of "International Arbitration ICSNGD", President of the "International Committee for Settlement of non-Governmental Disputes"; Professor of Southern Federal University; A member of the scientific community of North-Caucasus Academy of Innovational Technologies in Education and Science; A correspondent-member of The Russian Academy of National History; The deputy of the general director of the International Association "Generals of the World for Peace"; An acting member of St.Petersburg`s Marine Assembly; A certified mediator; Mr. Markovsky has got governmental awards and medals of international and social organizations (Russia);
  25. Morin Valeriy - General director, JSC Shipyard "Reef" (Russia);
  26. Morkovkin Vladimir - Lawyer. Managing partner of the law firm "JURINFLOT-Saint-Petersburg" (Russia);
  27. Ogar Vladimir - General Director, Central Design Bureau  "Rubin" (Russia);
  28. Romanovskaya Diana – Ph.D. in Law, Vice-president ICSNGD (USA), Vice-chairman of the judicial system ICSNGD, Chairman of the judicial college of Rostov ICSNGD (Russia);
  29. Rashnikov Sergey - General Director, «PROFIT GROUP» (Switzerland);
  30. Skargin Anatoly - Grand Ph.D., Professor, Major-general, Chief The International Association "Generals of the world for Peace" (Kyrgyzstan);
  31. Sergeev Vladimir – President of the Association of Marine Bunkerers (Russisa);
  32. Sokolov Sergey – Chief of Passenger Shipping Company "Yakutsk " (Russisa);
  33. Shlabovich Sergey – Lawer. Нead of the Bar of Law Office of the Voronezh region, Member of The Royal Institute of Arbitrators (MCIArb) (Russia);
  34. Shcherbina Vadim – Lawer. Нead of the Association of Lawyers for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights (Russisa);
  35. Tatarovich Igor - Head of the Bar of Law Office of Voronezh region (Russia);
  36. Trebelev Vladimir - Vice-Chairman of ICSNGD in Ukraine. The Colonel of Customs Service. Member of the National Olympic Commitee of Ukraine (Ukraine);
  37. Zavelskiy Alex - General Director " Petrovsky Passage Renaissance" Ltd (Russia) .
  38. Zhanaydarov Iskander - Grand Ph. D. Full Professor. Chairman of Kazakhstan of the Judicial Collegium (Kazakhstan);